Matheus Azzi

Hi, I'm Matheus Azzi, 22 years, and I'm a Web Developer skilled in Front-end, majoring in Computer Science at Universidade Feevale.

I started my career at M√°qina Internet as a Front-end Developer, working on many projects, developing semantic and optimized web, ensuring accessibility to any kind of users.

I'm currently working at Codeminer42, as a Full-stack Developer working with Front-end, and in the Back-end with Ruby.

  • +6 years doing Front-end development;
  • +2 years doing Back-end development with Ruby and RoR;
  • Solid knowledge of HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript;
  • I've worked with libs like Angular, React and Vue.js;
  • OOP and Functional Programming;
  • Workflow with Webpack, Babel, ESlint, Gulp and related tools;
  • Experiences in Back-end with NodeJS, PHP and Elixir. Including frameworks like Express, Laravel and Phoenix;
  • CSS Preprocessors and methodologies;
  • Ajax, JSON, Single-page Applications;
  • Responsive and adaptive UI development;
  • Domain of Cross-browser compatibility, Web Standards, Progressive Enhancement, usability, performance, accessibility, WAI-ARIA, Microdata and SEO good practices;
  • TDD, BDD, Unit and End-to-End automated tests;
  • Work using Continuous integration, Pull Requests, Code Review, Scrum, etc...;
  • Good eye for design/animation and an UX addict;
  • Upper Intermediate English (totally workable);
  • A curious mind, natural ability with new technologies, ideas and problem solving skills.

If you want to contact me, please send an email to matheuslazzi@gmail.com.